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Real Estate has been a common thread upon many people in my family. The closest person to me being my Mom. I have watched my Mom since I was a very young age; whether it was going to buyer appointments, listing appointments, inspections, and sometimes closings. It has always been something that has struck an interest in me. I started my career in real estate as a transaction coordinator for our entire office.  Now I have been an assistant for about two and half years. I am recently licensed but have had the real estate language instilled in me for several years.

I love people, they truly are my passion. Whether I am going through a drive through grabbing a coffee, checking out at the grocery store, or coming in contact with anyone throughout the day I absolutely love to stop what I am doing and chat. I am definitely a people person and love getting to know our community more and more every day.

I am a very driven, positive, energetic, and determined person and going to put my best effort in anything I do. I love leaving a positive impact everywhere I go and that is what I strive to do for people every day.