Amy PortraitRelationships are very important to me. Just because you close on your purchase and may not need my immediate services any longer, it doesn’t mean I’m gone. I’m with you for the long haul, so we can build a long-term relationship. You’ll see me occasionally pop by with a cute little gift, you’ll receive a monthly mailing from me with useful information, and you’ll see me on Facebook as I’m striving to build those same relationships with your friends and family. My business has grown and is completely built on your referrals; I whole-heartedly appreciate the trust you place in me and I will never take it for granted. I treat every home buying and selling experience the same, no matter the price, or the location.

This is how we will be by your side throughout the entire journey.


I will give you a Comparative Market Analysis on your home, your neighborhood, and current market conditions. I will give you good, honest pricing suggestions with a solid forecasted outcome on your final value.


I will walk with you room by room through your property and make recommendations regarding what needs to be done to go from the home you live in, to a market-ready “Model Home”.  We get one chance to make a good first impression, so I want to make sure your first impression is the best it can possibly be.


I will do a complete photo shoot of your home with tons of pictures of each room, and full inside and outside detail.  I will make sure to capture every angle to ensure your home has the best representation.  First impressions happen through the pictures, so I will present only the best.


You will have a professional yard sign placed with the best visibility possible, by a very skilled installer.  He will use a patented stake and post system that ensures the least amount of ground intrusion.  A professional flyer box will be installed to the signpost.


LockboxI will supply your home with a Risco RediSAFE lockbox, made by GE Security.  The RediSAFE is a compact, strong-key system that can only be accessed by local realtors who are certified members of the Tri-Cities Association of Realtors. This system will show activity and even allow temporary access to inspectors and appraisers for your convenience.


FlyerI will prepare a professional flyer for your home, highlighting its features and unique details, using quality photographs and listing information.  I will occasionally use these same flyers to help expose your home at my network marketing groups, as well as hand deliver your flyer to the main offices in town.


tour-virtual-360I will utilize the professional virtual tour photographs to create a customized video walk-through of your home. It will be accompanied by music and will be posted on the MLS, on your property flyer, and my website, as well as many other websites that will showcase your home.


I will communicate and coordinate property showings between the buyer’s agent and you. I  will personally contact each realtor who shows your home in order to get positive and constructive feedback, ensuring that all possible steps are being taken to highlight all the wonderful features of your home.


I know the power of the internet and social media in keeping your home at the forefront with local and out-of-area families.  Your listing will be featured on local sites such as theschneiderrealtygroup.com, Realtor.com, YahooRealEstate.com, Zillow.com, and more. All sites will feature your home’s information, photographs, and virtual tour available for search all over the world.  Social Media sites like Facebook and YouTube channels are also available, as well as Craigslist, which I will utilize to showcase your home for sale, using frequent posts.



I will analyze all offers that come in for your home, identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the terms, and estimating your net proceeds. I will give you a comprehensive overview of the document, and then communicate your counteroffer or acceptance with the buyers and/or their agent.


This is an area I really like. I will strive to make sure that we will create a win/win transaction.  Once we have a ready, willing, and able buyer, it’s just a matter of making all the numbers work for everyone. If this is done correctly, this will be a smooth transaction that everyone can feel excited about.


Once the final offer has been signed, I will make sure all documentation is correct, and then set up title and escrow, as well as make sure the buyers or their agent, as well as their lender, have complete copies of  everything.  Communication between all parties is crucial for a smooth transaction.


I will coordinate with the seller and inspectors for time and entry into the home. I will communicate the results and help you determine your “to do” list. I can even help refer companies for completing items on your list. Should there be a problem with appraisals I will also walk through that process to make sure it gets resolved.


I will help coordinate the signing of the final documents. At that time we will discuss utilities, keys, and moving time frames, so, both the buyer and seller are aware of the game plan for transfer of ownership.